Here are few of our services.
This is done at your comfort zone with a beautiful smile from our service agent. Our service agents come to your location to attend to your cash withdrawal.
Deposit With just a smile, your deposit will be done in your presence and you will be notified of the transaction.

Loan We give short term loan at 0% interest rate with no collateral or guarantor. All at your comfort zone.
Credit Board
This is synonymous to the bank statement but totally different. It is easy to understand and interpret by our customers and staffs.
About us
Our Story
We are creating simpler, cheaper and faster financial services which includes cash deposit, cash withdrawal, loans and credit board everyone deserves.

Through the help of our staffs, agents and our modern technologies we are providing a more reliable and secure financial system.
  • We are reasonable
  • We provide best financial solution
  • 24/7 Support
  • Our clients love us
  • We accelerate your business
  • We are passionate
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+234 806 619 8616
Work hours is 8am to 5pm
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Address: 52 Adejuyigbe Complex,
Ondo Road, Akure, Nigeria

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